Business Account - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I register for a Business Account?

Simply click here to set up your prepay business account.

How do I log in to my business account?

Just click here to log into your account. You will need your User or Facility ID and the password that you created when you opened up the business account.

What is the process to Pre-Pay for my employees courses?

Once you register a business account, simply follow these easy steps.

  1. Click the “Purchase Training” button
  2. Select your state, course type and # of courses
  3. Click "Add to Cart" and make your Pre-Payment

Once paid, you will see an Overview of your Tokens. Continue to send custom email registration invites by clicking the "ASSIGN”. This will provide a unique link to your employees so they can register and start their training.

Can I get invoiced for my course purchases?

Setting up a business account will enable you to generate prepay invoices for your records. Invoices can be paid at any time by card, check or ACH. If prepayment isn’t an option for your organization, please reach out to our billing team at to see if you qualify for a Billed-Business Account.

What courses do you offer?

Depending on the state, the options include Basic Food Handlers Certification, Certified Food Managers Course and Alcohol Servers Training.

What languages are available?

We offer the Basic Food Handlers course in both English and Spanish.

Are discounts available?

Yes! You will receive a % off the basic course fee based on the number of employee courses that you purchase. Food Handlers and Alcohol Server course discounts will range between 20% and 50% depending on the bulk of your order. Food Managers courses, anywhere between 5% and 20%.

May I get refunded for purchases I have made?

Unused tokens don’t expire. They can stay on your account as long as needed until you are ready to use them. However, if you’d rather have your unassigned/ unused tokens refunded, we can definitely assist you with that.

BUT, please remember, discounts are given based on the total number of courses purchased. Requesting a partial refund for an order may create a discrepancy in the applied discount. If this occurs, this amount will simply be subtracted from the requested refund amount.

What if I have several locations?

We can help you track all of your locations from one easy to manage business account. Simply register your account and then add in your locations via your Account Profile page.

Once they are in the system you’ll be able to pre-register users to specific locations as well as track and filter Employee Records by location.

Will I have access to my employees certificates and test results?

Yes!! You will have access to your employees progress, transcripts, test results, certificates etc. Once logged into your account, simply click the Employee Records button to see all of your team’s transcripts.


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